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Corso Genova, 28
20123 Milano | Italy



Written and directed by Andrea Pecora

The project “GRANITO” delves into the world of climbing, a sport that has recently reached the pinnacle of mainstream popularity due to growing public and media interest. The story follows the personal journey of the director from being an observer to becoming an active participant in climbing, exploring the impetuous beauty of nature through ascents on granite, the ideal rock for this sport. The documentary’s narrative focus is set in Val di Mello and Val Masino, known for their wild beauty and ideal climbing rock faces, traditionally frequented by hunters and shepherds but now popular among climbers. The narrative follows four different protagonists: a young climber who lives in a van and dedicates his life to climbing, an alpine shepherd who spends the summer in the high mountains with his children, a hunter who spends his days in the woods, and a miner who works in a granite quarry. Each of them shows a unique and personal connection to the territory and granite, a symbol of both challenge and sustenance. The documentary aims to explore not only the physical challenges of climbing but also the social, cultural, and personal context of its protagonists, highlighting how their stories intertwine with the history of the Valley and the broader context of modernity and tradition. Through a combination of interviews and spontaneous footage, “GRANITO” intends to offer an engaging visual and emotional experience, allowing viewers to feel part of the portrayed world and experience events and landscapes through the eyes of the protagonists.