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Corso Genova, 28
20123 Milano | Italy



Directed by Matteo Maggi
Written by Angelo Anzalone and Francesco Baucia

How far are we willing to give up our freedom? And for what purpose? Angelo Anzalone, a young Sicilian photographer, wondered at what point, under the shadow of danger and death, does man’s exceptional nature reveal itself. To answer this question, Angelo met Antonino Patti: a magistrate who donned his robes during the Capaci massacre and has since been fighting under constant guard on the same battlefield as Falcone and Borsellino. Angelo and Patti shared parts of their lives, and from this meeting, a friendship was born. By closely witnessing the work and life of the magistrate, Angelo will discover that the freest man is the one who has the most constraints; the bravest is the one who has the most fears; the most doubtful is the one who is forced to choose.