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Realized on the indication provided by the Government trough the “Shared protocol for regulating the measures for the contrast and containment of the spread of the Covid-19 virus in the workplace “of 24th April 2020” and approved by CPA (Case di Produzione Associate)

Introduction: the production company will have to take into account the inevitable lengthening of preparation, assembly and disassembly times due to the Covid emergency and will have to evaluate case by case and for each department the possible timing, working days and additional personnel to be considered. The production company should provide the necessary PPE personnel during the preparation. In addition, the production is required to hire the personnel for the additional days to allow movements for “proven work needs” and the activation of the relevant insurance. Moreover, workers must be provided with a letter on the production company’s letter head certifying that they are moving from home for work reasons.

Some departments (e.g. Make-up, Styling, Sound, Food stylist, etc.) will be equipped with a “Covid19 kit” which will include disposable materials, UVC disinfection equipment and other types of materials that increase the level of safety during processing. This “kit” will be reimbursed to crew members by the production company in a manner and cost to be defined. Whenever possible, it is recommended to carry out these inspections remotely.

1. If necessary, will be carried out a preliminary inspection of the set destined to host the shooting in order to identify the accesses, the ventilation system and the specific and essential spaces and environments intended for production which must allow to avoid gatherings.

2. Only one production company is allowed in each set, except if there is a possibility of physical separation of the accesses and rooms from other potential users.

3. An internal worker adequately trained in anti-Covid procedures or an external work-safety consultant will be appointed as a “Covid-19 Supervisor” and he will have the following tasks and duties:

a. He will provide all workers present on the set with additional information pursuant to Legislative Decree 81/08 art. 36 through the delivery of adequate information material (information brochure) and briefing before filming.

b. In the briefing, made in a short form and without creating groups, the “Vigilante Covid-19” will remember: the correct use of the PPE and masks, the respect of safety distances, the anti-contagion procedures, the position of the sanitizing stations and the prevention measures adopted.

c. He will have to test the temperature (with a quick device to be procured and without creating a crowd) and will deny access to anyone with a body temperature above 37.5 degrees centigrade.

d. He will ask everyone to sign the self-certification form stating that the signer is not currently in quarantine, has not tested positive for Covid-19, or been in direct contact with Covid-19 positive or quarantined people, in the lasts 14 days precedents.

e. The “Covid-19 Supervisor” will remain on set for the entire processing and will have to monitor, both for crew and for who is attending by third parties (e.g.: suppliers, agencies, etc.), the compliance with anti-contagion procedures and safety distances.

f. The “Covid-19 Supervisor” will have the power to remove from the set anyone who does not comply with his instructions.

4. The “set” must be sanitized by a specialized cleaning company the day before shooting and every previous and subsequent day in the event of scenography/pre-light preparation and unloading.

5. All the crew members must wear gloves and the protective surgical maskes aimed to prevent the transmission of the aerosol and droplet outward (defined as “level protectors 1”). Gloves will be available but frequent sanitation of bare hands is preferable to the use of gloves.

6. For all crew members who are in direct contact with other people and at all stages of work where the maintenance of safety distances is not possible, FFP2 masks without valve will be adopted in addition to, for those who request them, glasses, caps, gowns and gloves – which are not mandatory – (defined as “level 2 protection”). Level 2 protections are mandatory for all departments interacting with people without a mask (e.g. makeup, hair-styling, costume, etc.).

7. Collection points for “special waste” (masks, gloves, etc.) will be set up in closed containers with a pedal-opening mechanism, this special waste will be disposed in plastic bag in unsorted waste.

8. External suppliers must sanitise all rented equipment and must produce the relevant certification. Items and instruments supplied non-sanitized shall be sanitized on the set using virucidal spray, disinfectant, steam or UVC sterilizer.

9. External suppliers must remain in their vehicle as much as possible and get out of it for the time strictly necessary, wearing level 1 protections.

10. On the set must be present a sanitizing soap (eg. Amuchina) and a virucidal spray to be sprayed on the equipment in compliance with the product safety instructions.

11. The production plan must include actions aimed to the spatial and temporal distancing of the workers (respecting safety distances, access times, etc.).

12. All persons are required to observe the minimum distance of one meter from each other. if it is not possible to observe the distance of 1 meter, the use of FFP2 masks without valve is required. On request, but not mandatory, additional protections (gowns, gloves, glasses, headphones) may be worn.

13. The crews must be reduced to the bare minimum of personnel.

14. Smoking, smoking machines and fans are prohibited on the set.

15. Ventilate the rooms during the break and at the end of the shooting.

16. Any sealed drinks will be available to workers in open areas with limited access.

17. For the lunch break, to be differentiated where possible, provide the crew of “baskets” sealed and prepared in full compliance with directives. Lunch will be taken in a specially designated place away from the set and allowing a distance of at least 2 meters between people.

18. Agency and clients reduced to a minimum on the sets (eg. a creative director and a client) and video control of the streaming camera will be used for all the others.

19. The maximum time between call and wrap shell not exceed 10 hours. (8h +1h overtime +1h break), as agreed with APMAL – Association of Professionals and Audiovisual Workers in Lombardy.


The following rules have been designed to protect the actors and are based on the rules presented by the consulted advisors and through the “procedural precedents” created by the television programs broadcast on these lockdown days.

The actors/extras will be the only people on the set who can, for obvious reasons, take off their masks and gloves when in front of the camera and therefore they will have to be protected according to all the regulations in force during the set days.

The actors/extras must comply with all the anti-contagion safety procedures and wear level 1 protections, except for the moment of make-up where they will be individually made up by the department in charge equipped with Level 2 protections.

After the make-up, the actors/extras will wear the protections again and will go to an area of the set waiting to go “on stage”, this allows the safety distance between one actor/extra and the other.

Rules for actors on stage in front of the camera without mask:

It is allowed a maximum number of 4 actors/extras without mask at a minimum of 1 METER of distance between them.

It is allowed for a parent, mother or father, to be on stage without a mask less than 1 meter away with their child under 6 years of age, provided that they really belong to the same family unit and live in the same home. Only one parent and one child on stage and no one else is allowed.

For scenes of “greater proximity” where the actors are less than 1 meter away, it will be allowed the use, in the same scene, of more actors/extras belonging to a single family unit as long as:

the shooting takes place with only the director and d.o.p. at their home.

the whole family unit signs a self-certification to certify that they live in the same domicile.


It is allowed a maximum number of 8 actors/extras without mask at a minimum of 1 METER of distance between them.
In case the scene includes physical activity (running or sport) or other activity that involves more breathing (droplet leakage) the distance must be increased to more than 2 meters.

In addition to the safety distance, we recommend where possible any other form of safety and distancing (separation glass, additional distances, shots from one enclosed space to another, etc.).

The number of actors and extras present on the set must in any case be reduced to the minimum necessary in view of the measures for social distancing when they are not involved in the shooting.