A truly multidisciplinary team with expertise in film and advertising production at a national and international level and a reputation that opens doors.


Corso Genova, 28
20123 Milano | Italy


Leading the incubator hub is Giulia Negretto. With a solid experience in the field of live music events, Giulia is committed not only to the development of authorial projects, but also to the expansion of an established network connecting scriptwriters, authors, directors and other creative figures.

Among the most recent initiatives undertaken by Blackball is the Paolo Conte docu-live held at the Teatro alla Scala, a project carried out in collaboration with Sugar Music and directed by the well-known director Giorgio Testi. The post-production of a new feature film directed by Tony Kaye, presented at the current edition of the Cannes Film Festival, has just been completed. With a series of film projects in development and some branded content productions anchored to the music sector, Blackball aims to consolidate its position among the leading production companies in Milan, enhancing the richness and diversity of its content.

Iacopo Carapelli


Luca Forestieri

Author, Acquisition Specialist

Paolo Monico

Producer, Writer, Director

Gigi Piola

Director, Author, Screenwriter



Set in the drainage system of a large metropolis and led by a cunning and cynical presenter, Underground is a surprising and irreverent TV show.


B.I.C. is a mini-series format thought for Instagram. Ten 15’ episodes where comedy, drama and thriller are combined. A “behind the scenes” of different lives observed from the point of view of a BIC lighter.

Couch Surfing

Couch Surfing is a Procedural TV Series with strong Comedy elements. Our protagonists: a woman, her phobias … and the singular characters who crash in turn on her couch.

La terapia della capra

She sees her father as her father. Her father, who suffers from senile dementia, sees his daughter as Heidi. A bitter, at times grotesque, comedy, taken from the book “Heidi” by Francesco Muzzopappa.

Bl’ink (12 episodes of 50 ‘)

The only way Isy can save her son is to come to terms with her past. Once and for all. Kidnappings, explosions, chases and a secret chemical substance are the main ingredients of this Noir TV series blended with Sci-Fi elements.