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Corso Genova, 28
20123 Milano | Italy

Giulia Negretto

Development Producer

Giulia jumped into the Faculty of Communication, Media and Advertising at IULM University in 2015, ready to conquer the world of television and cinema. However, learning from books was not enough for her. So, she headed off to live an internship experience in a production company. And boy, did she fall in love.

Maybe it was the long hours on set or the post-traumatic stress of dealing with a 100-people crew, but Giulia knew she had found her calling. In 2018, she made her way to London to get her Masters in Producing Film and TV from Royal Holloway. And then, she rolled up her sleeves and got her hands dirty at Bullion Production and Riff Raff Films.

But that wasn’t enough for her. She took on a new role as an assistant agent at a boutique agency with a roster of 70 actors. But sitting behind a desk wasn’t cutting it for her, so she moved back to Milan to work with Pulse Films. There, she learned from Giorgio Testi, a renowned director of live performances and music videos.

After a brief stint working for X Factor Italia, Giulia finally found her groove at Blackball: here, she leads the development department, spacing from features, documentaries and music formats. After attending the 2023 Biennale Cinema development programme, Giulia is now balancing the creative production life with a Netflix-sponsored master’s in Series Development.