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20123 Milano | Italy


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Directed by Gigi Piola
Written by – TBD
Based on the book “Heidi” by F. Muzzupappa, Fazi Editore 2018

Chiara, a forty-five-year-old from Milan, is a casting director, single, and unresolved. The shadow of possible cascading layoffs looms over her head, and her fears and obsessions continue to torment her. Further complicating the situation is Massimo Lombroso, her father. Once a renowned literary critic for the «Corriere della Sera», Massimo is now suffering from senile dementia and is expelled from the nursing home where he resides because he has become unmanageable. While waiting to find a new place for him, Chiara will keep him at home with her. However, cohabitation will not be easy: he has always mistaken her for Heidi, the cartoon character they used to watch together when she was little. His entire world is filled with goats, mountains, and Peter. Peter will also be the name given to the young man Chiara finds to stay with her father while she is at work, a caring and highly skilled young man named Thomas who will take care of Massimo and become indispensable. When Chiara finds herself in trouble at Videogramma due to the pressing and impossible demands of “the Yeti,” it will be this new eccentric family of hers that will help her solve all her problems, including the emotional ones.