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20123 Milano | Italy



Directed by Marco Berton Scapinello
Written by Marco Berton Scapinello and Giorgia Malatrasi

“My Mother Has No Children” is an emotional and revealing cinematic journey through the delicate labyrinth of adoption and belonging. Director Marco Berton Scapinello ventures into the depths of his personal story, where the void left by a biological mother he never knew and the unconditional love of an adoptive mother collide and merge. Through a series of vintage VHS fragments, rediscovered and brought to life by the touch of Marco’s father, the film takes us on a journey through time and emotions, awakening memories that shape the present. On this journey, Marco not only uncovers the story of his adoptive mother and her ardent choice of love, but also meets his biological brother, a ghost of ‘what might have been’. Addressing profound questions about the nature of motherhood and the family bond, Marco confronts the powerful image of the mother who did not live, leading viewers to reflect on the truest and deepest meaning of what makes us family.